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Backpack Accounts

To skip to a subsection of this topic, choose from the links below. Why do I need a Backpack? How do I create a Backpack? How do I edit my Backpack? Why do I need a Backpack? A Backpack™ is your personal account in MackinVIA. With a Backpack, you can check out and download resources,…

Why You Need a Password

Why do I have to enter a MackinVIA™ password? MackinVIA™ is password protected to make sure only people with permission (such as staff, students, and parents) can view your school’s digital resources.

Log into MackinVIA Website and App

Log into MackinVIA to view and interact with the digital resources owned by your school. Your teacher or librarian will provide you with a User ID and Password. You can use MackinVIA on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with Internet access. If you would like to download titles to read…